While PyInstaller is a voluntary project, the maintainers need to make their living. Each day they spend on PyInstaller is missing for other, paid projects. So please help keeping PyInstaller alive. Thanks!

Sponsorship and Project Grant

Please consider sponsoring PyInstaller development, especially if your company benefits from this project.

We welcome your patronage on Bountysource:

  • Contribute a recurring amount to the team
  • Place a bounty on a specific feature

Your contribution will go towards adding new features to PyInstaller and making sure all functionality continues to meet our high quality standards.

A grant for contiguous full-time development has the biggest impact for progress. Periods of 3 to 10 days allow a contributor to tackle substantial complex issues which are otherwise left to linger until somebody can’t afford to not fix them.

Contact Hartmut Goebel to arrange a grant for a core contributor.

Huge thanks to all the companies and individuals who financially contributed to the development of PyInstaller. Please send a PR if you’ve donated and would like to be listed on the web-site.

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